The Promise

“From the ashes of the holocaust, a gripping, powerful tale of love, loss and redemption! Certainly, a masterpiece novel portraying dramatic, though authentic, events from the holocaust epoch that are brilliantly intertwined with fiction.”
Michael Levin – New York Times Bestselling Author


The Promise is a page-turner so well written, it brings the era of World War II and the Holocaust to life in such vivid detail, you will feel the fear! Sacrifice, love, loss and renewal all interwoven majestically.

When Yanusz Dov vows to protect the family of his Jewish friend, Kalman Gold during the Nazi occupation of Poland, he is drawn into a saga that spans three generations and three continents. Yanusz stages a daring rescue from a concentration camp, hides the escapees from relentless Nazi hunters, and risks his own family, church, and life in order to keep Kalman, his wife, and his twin children safe.

After betrayal and the cruel realities of the occupation shatter the family ties, one of the twins finds a new home in America, while the other is lost without a trace. Separated by thousands of miles, brother and sister struggle for survival, unaware that their fates are still bound together. Throughout it all, Yanusz must rely on courage and faith to repay his childhood debt and fulfill his lifelong promise.